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Gleason's Gym XXIII by LouiseCypher

Vision- 5
I believe this photo is very simplistic, i think this photo has portrayed what you saw in the gym on the day.

Originality - 5
i think that this photo is so good because boxing is a sport that we associate with violence. The fact that you portray happiness and friendship and loving warmth in you photo is very very awesome.

Technique - 4
I really love the crisp focus of the subjects. The only thing i can critique about the photo is that for me personally i think the best kind of photos are the ones that you capture in the moment, and this photo almost feels to set up with your subjects looking at the camera (and yet again i really do like this photo.)
In saying that i think you have portrayed what you wanted to portray like i said i think a lot of people associate boxing with violence and i think this picture says a thousand words.

impact- 5

like i have said befor i think that this photo portrays every thing you want it too. the emotions that you can see, the friendships that your subject seems to have with his trainer has lasting affects on the people that view this photo.

all this being said i love this photo keep up the good work

The Artist thought this was FAIR
2 out of 2 deviants thought this was fair.


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